3 Myths About MRI Machines Put To Rest.

Technology is constantly changing, especially over the past decade. However, one thing that remains the same is the spreading of false information about the medical field like with medical imaging equipment such as MRI machines. In an attempt to put these myths at rest, the following information has been provided to debunk some of the common misinterpretations about MRI machines people typically hear.

Myth: MRI scans can put patients at risk of radiation exposure and can cause cancer.

Truth: Exposure to radiation from an MRI scan should never be a concern.

The radiologist performing the MRI scan on a patient should clarify that whether the patient chooses to get a closed MRI or an open MRI, the patients are never at risk for radiation exposure. In fact, MRI machines only use magnetic power and radio waves for creating images. Radiation is NOT used in an MRI machine and will not cause cancer.

Myth: MRI scans are only for physical injuries.

Truth: MRI scans have a variety of uses and can detect many important conditions within the internal structure of the body.

Not only are MRI scans used for physical injuries but they can also be used for diagnosing a variety of critical mental conditions as well as neurological disorders. The devices can also be helpful for cancer detection and prevention and even for detecting nerve damage. These devices have helped physicians recognize numerous conditions which have helped them perform their jobs more effectively.

Myth: Open and Closed MRI machines have the same efficiency.

Truth: Closed MRI machines are known to produce more accurate results for diagnosis.

Closed MRI machines typically have a smaller opening which makes it difficult for obese or overweight patients to get a scan. Additionally, closed MRI machines may also trigger claustrophobia in patients. Open MRI machines were developed in an attempt to overcome these problems. However, due to the open environment of the devices, Open MRI machines have known to produce lesser quality images than closed MRI scanners. Although, the quality of images in open MRI scans is currently being worked on for improvement.

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