A Step-by-Step Outline On C-arm Refurbishment

Buyers may sometimes worry when purchasing refurbished equipment. However, what it all comes down to in the end is choosing a well-reputed firm to purchase from. Amber USA is a long-standing firm known for issuing some of the best quality used and refurbished medical equipment in the market.

Amber USA guarantees quality functional and cosmetically perfect medical imaging equipment including specially C-arms through refurbishment. Customers can purchase refurbished C-Arms from Amber USA specifically to fit their needs to obtain optimal patient diagnosis and treatment.

The following is a brief but descriptive order in how the refurbishment process works at Amber USA which can help buyers understand the amount of work that Amber USA puts into their systems for customer satisfaction.

  1. The system is firstly obtained and externally cleaned and disinfected.
  2. A full system test is performed to ensure it is working correctly and any issues are fixed prior to refurbishment.
  3. Prior patient data and information is cleared.
  4. The C-arm is dismantled and inspected.
  5. C-Arm is cleaned and disinfected internally.
  6. The sub-components are disassembled, sterilized, and moved to service areas.
  7. The machine is fixed up and set for repainting.
  8. Wheels are checked, cleaned and replaced if it is necessary.
  9. C-Arm and monitors are reassembled.
  10. Additional parts are cleaned, adjusted, and replaced if necessary.
  11. High-voltage cables are cleaned, adjusted, and new grease is applied.
  12. The x-ray tube is checked for issues and replaced if necessary.
  13. X-ray beam alignment and a collimator calibration process is performed.
  14. Camera setting is focused and adjusted to achieve the highest possible resolution.
  15. The image intensifier is checked and replaced if necessary.
  16. The power setting of the C-Arm monitor cart is adjusted to specifications.
  17. C-arm batteries are replaced, and the voltage is adjusted according to specifications.
  18. Corroded parts are replaced with stainless steel.
  19. The system is tested to ensure adequate functionality.
  20. The C-Arm is packed and crated as per customer request.

This brief description is enough to let potential buyers know the thorough work that goes into the refurbishment of the equipment provided by Amber USA. For further inquiries regarding purchase or information, contact Amber USA now!

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