CAPA Software For Quality Management

CAPA Software as we all know is Corrective And Preventive Action Software or if you care to elaborate further, is the software that was designed to help companies resolve the matters that arise faster and more efficiently. Lack of a proper system in place to address and resolve the issues that arise could lead to costly errors and major downtime in operational activities. That adversely affects the entire quality management process. Every link in the chain is interconnected and directly or indirectly affects the quality of the business activities as a whole.

Therefore, our CAPA Software was designed to aid end users to resolve issues more efficiently and more easily. The system uses standard 5D, 7D and 8D problem-solving approaches to address issues. With the use of our software solution, the entire process can be automated for added functionality and security. We do not compromise our solutions. You get to decide which authorized personnel has access to what and when. Given that, the employees who have been permitted access can easily log in and be updated with the current status of an issue.

All details related to an issue and its resolution are added to the system so that the software also acts as a centralized hub for everyone. That is not all. You can even add responsible employees to each issue so that they fast track the issue towards resolution. The key here is to hold relevant employees accountable for the problem.

Apart from all that, the CAPA Software proves its worth by documenting the entire path followed by an issue till its resolution. If you have been using manual documentation techniques for the purpose, you do know that the task of handling documentation in itself is pretty challenging. Prepare to say goodbye to all that and embrace the new opportunities provided by our software solution.

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