Child Custody Is Not Just For Divorcing Parents

Child custody and visitations are areas that receive significant attention whenever a divorce involving children takes place. But did you think that the services of Child Custody Lawyers In Orlando are only sought by divorcing parents? No. That is not the case. Here in Florida, the same laws relevant apply in the case when the parents are not married to each other.

Child Custody Lawyers In Orlando put the clients’ children’s best interests above all else in cases involving minors. A divorce or separation is any way daunting, and steps must be taken to minimize the adverse effect on children. That applies to child custody as well.

Back in the day, it was mothers who received preference from courts with respect to obtaining custody of the children. But now, the legal system has evolved to where both parents have equal rights to gaining custody of their children.

Even then, there are some main factors that the judge will take into account before giving the final decision. Depending on the child’s age and maturity, his/her preference will also be taken into account. The best Child Custody Lawyers In Orlando know the ins and outs that help represent your case best in court.

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