Conventional or Automated Document Handling.

Manual document handling was incredibly popular at one point and although the use of these methods have dropped significantly, they are still being used in quite a few companies because of their advantages.

A few of the traditional document handling advantages include:

  • Having physical documents present may provide the companies a sense of security knowing their files are readily available.
  • Untrained individuals can handle documents easily through physical documents.
  • Documents are still available even if the power is out.
  • Less complicated than electronic systems.

While these advantages may benefit companies, the disadvantages outweigh the benefits. Disadvantages of Physical file storage include:

  • Inability to produce files on time when required.
  • Documents may get lost or misplaced,
  • Disasters may ruin files and make them unusable.
  • Editing files could take time to go through all documents affected by a single error.

To overcome these problems, Quality Management Systems were created.

Quality Management Systems gained popularity through their vital use in manufacturing companies. The efficiency of these systems gave developers the idea to automate these processes as business solutions for companies worldwide for increased efficiency.
Through the use of a Quality Management System, companies can get a handle on better productivity, have better management of documents, and improve efficiency.

Some of the advantages of a Quality Management System include:

  • Organizational growth.
  • Easy file access.
  • Improved collaboration between employees.
  • Visible increase in efficiency.

Through the efficient use of a Quality Management, automated functions are able to guarantee more consistent and accurate output of products, and employees can manage documents more quickly. This would ensure time is being saved and hassles are avoided.

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