Digital x-ray equipment using NFC technology.


Near Field Communication (NFC) technology isn’t something that is new. In fact, NFC technology has had a vast usage in nearly everything from cellphones, watches, to even credit cards.
NFC technology has now been integrated into the digital radiography world to improve the workflow already offered by DR technology.

A medical imaging facility that uses NFC technology allows the ability to use single DR panels across multiple x-ray systems quickly and easily.

DR with many systems.

Most current DR panels don’t allow sharing between systems. However, the panels that feature an AP mode are the exception. For the panels that feature the AP mode, sharing can be done between systems quickly and easily. The panels provide the ability to switch from wireless clients to being the access point which allows the detection of connectivity with compatible workstations that are within the range. This connection would only need a few clicks within the software and sixty seconds of cycle time. If all systems are to be scanned with a DR panel, each system should have its own panel.

NFC enabled DR panels with many systems.

These systems provide system-to-system portability of AP mode panels by simply waving a tag throughout fifteen seconds of cycle time.
For this process to work, the NFC chip would hold small amounts of data and is transferred to a reading device. In this case, the device would live in the panel, and the data chips would live in the keycard that would stay with each x-ray system. The tags consist of all system settings. The tag should be waved over the reader on the panel, there would be a 15-second waiting time, then the panel is connected and synced with whichever system would match the tag.

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