GE Optima CT scanners.

GE is an organization known for producing one of the highest quality medical imaging equipment from x-ray systems to CT scanners. If your medical facility is in the market for a CT scanner, the options for the GE Optima are indeed worth considering.

The following is a basic set of information provided for the Optima CT scanners.

The GE Optima 660.

This system offers significant value and performance for a variety of procedures. It also provides the ability to minimize dose without having to sacrifice the quality of images produced. This option allows the choice between 16, 32, and 128-slice CT scanners.

The GE Optima 520.

This 16-slice system is an intelligent CT scanner that offers a new standard for clinical excellence and versatility in diagnostic procedures. This option allows excellent quality in images produced along with advanced dose optimization and a streamlined workflow. The GE Optima 520 is ideal for general everyday scanning.

The GE Optima 540.

This 16-slice option uses the maximum effort to improve patient experiences while offering exceptional quality of images produced. It can handle a higher volume of patient throughput and also allows focus on each patient, which makes it the perfect option for emergency services.

The GE Optima 580 W.

This option delivers exceptional performance, flexibility, and even high capacity, and is known for being extremely reliable.

Whether you decide to purchase a system from GE distributors or other brands, be sure to consult with an expert on the subject.

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