Getting a C-Arm? Know your responsibilities.

From the time of your C-Arm purchase to the time a patient is first scanned, numerous things have to happen. Specific responsibilities may fall to the equipment provider. However, it is guaranteed that the majority of duties will fall primarily to you and the team involved in the handling of the imaging equipment.

Below described is a set of responsibilities that you and your team are likely to face along with a few tips that would help you be better prepared for the arrival and installation of your new C-Arm.

• State regulation and registration.

Regulatory compliance is the responsibility of the facility receiving the equipment to maintain state registration.
While requirements are known to vary from state-to-state, you may have to be ready for inspections, be up-to-date with fees, and be in compliance with radiation shielding. It would be best to know the state regulations before making the purchase. However, it would become a necessity when it comes to scanning patients. There are a few states that offer a grace period for registration and compliance; however, others may be stricter.

• The physicians visit.

Before the system is given the green light to scan patients, a medical facility may have to look forward to a state-licensed radiation physicist paying a visit. The physician would be present to conduct an inspection on the functionality, image quality, and radiation dose parameters. A visit by a medical physicist would be the facility’s second responsibility and is essential for following state regulations.

The best way to avoid delays and begin working with your new C-Arm would be to know and conduct your responsibilities in the right direction.
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