HGI Application Development And Hosting Procedures.

Harrington Group International (HGI) is a company that has a reputation for providing some of the best business software solutions in the industry. Through integration of applications with software systems, HGI strives for perfection through our optimal level software.

So how does HGI conduct application development and hosting procedures to establish optimal software?
Application Development:

Primarily, thorough research is performed by the team of developers on the client. Once there is an agreement with both the client and developer, both parties establish what is necessary to be included in the software. The program then begins. A team of developers are gathered with the client/clients and programming is done to create the tools that would support the software for the company. Before releasing the application to clients, field testing and evaluation is performed.

Application hosting:

HGI is thoroughly qualified for the hosting and management of the Quality Management Solution to be developed through the use of available and redundant web servers.
HGI’s software and hardware platforms are based on the most updated technologies. The primary objective of our systems is to offer security, reliability, and data protection that the client requires. HGI application hosting services issue a state-of-the-art repository for the clients’ software hosting needs. Through the provided services, clients can then benefit through:

  • Dedicated server space.
  • Full-time available support.
  • Remote servers.
  • Ability to protect organizational data to competent security measures for the software.
  • On-line redundancy.

As a leading organization in the provision of software solutions, HGI seeks to meet complex business needs through our solutions. To achieve this, HGI chooses the right staff with a competent set of skills to deliver the solutions catered to fit the exact client requirements.

HGI is known to be one of the best Quality Management Software Companies with a prime objective to develop cost-effective business software solutions for client organizational needs. Our software guarantees to evolve as the industry does.

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