How Does Molluscum Spread

Molluscum contagiosum typically known as Molluscum – is a small skin growth that occurs on peoples bodies. Although this skin condition isn’t dangerous, it might not be very appealing to look at. Molluscum is a painless, firm, white-pinkish button like growth typically seen with an indent.

The condition can occur on the face, trunk, buttocks, and even genitalia. Although it is more commonly found in children, it can affect just about any age group. The cause of the condition is by a virus from the poxvirus family. The “rash” normally lingers for a few months but can even last for a year or two before finally disappearing.

The skin condition generally spreads between people by skin to skin contact or close contact. Additionally, it can also be spread by:

  • Shared towels.
  • Clothing.
  • Shaving equipment.
  • From swimming pools.
  • Scratching the affected area.
  • Sexual intercourse.

Many people tend to get molluscum when the virus enters into a small break in the surface of the skin. Although, many people who are in contact with people who have the virus are immune to it. Those people aren’t likely to develop any growths. People who aren’t immune or resistant towards the virus and come into contact with it would usually see the growth after 2 to 7 weeks after infection.

Although there are treatments that can sometimes help the disease go away faster, most doctors don’t use these methods of treatment since they can be painful, blister, and scar the skin. The way the doctor can treat the virus depends on the location on the skin.

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