Is a C-Arm Laser Aimer right for your medical facility?

When a medical facility purchases and operates a C-Arm machine, what isn’t forgotten is that it is a sizeable investment. The machine itself could cost a significant amount in addition to the gear required and the ongoing services the system would need. So when a vendor offers additional accessories for your C-Arm, you may think twice about the purchase.

While this is a typical reaction from most medical facilities, there are benefits to adding a laser aimer to your C-Arm device.

Equipping your system with a Laser Aimer is all about ensuring accuracy and safety, by doing so your medical practices can:

1. Minimize the dose of radiation by targeting the specified part of the body through the single initial exposure.
2. Exact positioning can be guaranteed without a continuous exposure of the x-ray.
3. Positioning is made easier. This, in turn, could save time and improve productivity when conducting medical practices.
4. Radiation exposure on doctors and technicians can also be minimized.
5. This equipment is easier to find and can be purchased in the medical equipment market at lower prices.

On average, this equipment can cost between 4000 to 6000 USD depending on whether the system has a 9-inch or 12-inch image intensifier. However, used laser aimers can be purchased at a lower cost.

In the long-run, your medical facility may come to find that these pieces of equipment can benefit not only your medical practices but can also improve patient satisfaction.

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