Palm Beach Hard Money Lenders for Better Financing Experience

A common mistake with real estate investors that rely on hard money lenders is that they do not settle for the good people and end themselves in jeopardy, which altogether tarnishes the reputation and image of all the hard money companies in the sector. Palm Beach Hard Money Lenders guarantees you a better financing experience, and we have proven ourselves to be experts in the job by lending more than $200 million since our establishment. We won’t victimize you; we provide top quality and super fast services making your real estate dream a reality.

Whereas traditional funding companies act on strict rules and methods, a hard money company is expected to be more flexible and more assisting. Palm Beach Hard Money Lenders is not prejudiced, and we do not size you up to accept your loan request. Your credit past or the fact that you are self-employed is not our concern as we base our evaluation for approval only on your ability to pay back and the value of the real estate. Bridgewell Capital makes sure you get the maximum value you deserve.

To provide error and trouble free services, we have customized our funding programs as
• Investor Rehabs
• Refinance Cash-outs for Investors
• Rental Properties
• Commercial Property Investors, catering specifically for every need in real estate investments.

As to enable easy and early closure we provide a variety of investor services including
• Proof-of-Funds Letters
• Project Consulting
• Refi-Builder

Having understood the value of time in real estate investment, Palm Beach Hard Money Lenders takes every measure to ensure a single funding project would only cost you ten days from the beginning of the process to its completion. Our customer service providers will be assisting you through the very step, leaving no space for any mistakes that would cause any delays. Furthermore, we do not involve intermediaries and make everything unpleasant for you: Bridgewell Capital is a direct lending company.

We strive to obtain win-win results for both parties involved through ethical financing techniques. We are registered with Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System, providing legal funds to you in the shortest time possible.

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