Real Estate Attorney Orlando to Feel the Full Power of Ownership.

Being the owner of a property is not a one-step process that can be completed quickly. It is an incremental process that integrates acquisition, development, financing/ leasing to ownership. If we look at the big picture, the process extends itself to usage and transfer as well. Those who desire quick and easy ways can bypass these steps although you will be putting everything you value at stake by doing so. Those who wish to feel the power of owning property without any issues should realize the need of keen observation and knowledge of real estate transactions and laws connected to it.
Transforming the legal model to best suit the economy at present, Real Estate Attorney Orlando was established with the latest approach that better reflects real estate laws. We specialize in Real Estate Transaction Services as it is, by all means, our responsibility to ensure real estate transactions are performed and recorded correctly despite Residential or Commercial. The clarity of ownership without any disputes would be the benefit any property owner would expect from such services.

Real Estate Transaction Services at Real Estate Attorney Orlando includes
• Acquisition
• Residential/Commercial Property Purchase and Sale
• Contract Preparation and Review
• Development
• Deed Preparation
• Workouts/ Distressed Property.
Also, Real Estate Attorney Orlando specializes in Real Estate Litigation Related Services. For example, we resolve any Title Issue related to real estate ownership. The title is significant as it determines who uses the land or property. We uncover title defects for you upon suspicion which can compromise the property in the future and bring actions to quiet title disputes, resolving any claims of ownership by external parties.

Further Real Estate Attorney Orlando extends our services to;
• Mortgage foreclosures and Lien foreclosures
• Landlord/Tenants Disputes
• Disputes Concerning Ownership Rights
• Administrative hearings
• Mediations and Arbitrations.
We possess the knowledge and skills to assist individuals as well as businesses in real estate acquisition. Although an attorney’s presence in the process is not mandatory or a legal requirement, the involvement of one has benefits such as their ability to reveal the transaction history of the property for you, educating you of mortgaging options and viewing the sales contract to ensure you are going through a fair deal. Also, our customers at Real Estate Attorney Orlando have the additional facility of enjoying our services in English, Spanish and Portuguese since Ben Rust Law is fluent in working in all three languages.

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