Supplier Management Software

Supply chain management has never been easier thanks to Supplier Management Software. The Supplier Management Software introduced by Harrington Group International is a functional business platform which is capable of handling everything related to the supply chain and vendor management.

For your business to reach the ultimate goals of quality management, it is crucial to engage the ideal Supplier Management Software to ensure that all the details of your vendors and all that related to the supply chain are automated and centralized in one location which is accessible at anytime from anywhere.

Free of external interference, our software solution helps you to maintain records of supplies, contact information of suppliers, prices and other general information about vendors in one location. With our solution, you can now assess your suppliers and compare them before placing an order for a product.

It lets you add notes to suppliers so that you can identify which of them deliver their products late or provide defective products to aid you to make better decisions in the future.

Urgent orders can be placed to reliable suppliers to ensure that the required products arrive at you on time. With our software solution, we have made procurement of goods and services easier for your firm. Not just that, the acquisition cycle time can be reduced significantly.

Our primary focus in introducing this solution was to lower the risk involved within the supply chain and to enable our clients to handle supplier management more efficiently and quickly.

While having successfully eliminated the risk involved via automation and centralization of information and processes, our customers are capable of delivering better products of higher quality to the market. The right use of our solution can even help reduce production costs and gain higher revenues in turn.

Here at HGI, we have understood the need of a software solution that lets businesses handle their supply chain management activities easily and more efficiently and we have provided just that

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