Task Management Software

CaWeb Task Management Software introduced by Harrington Group International simplifies the management of any task in your organization. This software has been designed to enable faster completion of tasks by holding your employees responsible for a particular task. With CaWeb Task Management Software, you don’t have to send countless emails back and forth to assign tasks and check on their progress. The worst case scenario is when you get no response at all to your urgent emails resulting in no action being taken to the task however important it may be. You can prevent the occurrence of such chaos with our CaWeb Task Management Software. It allows you to allocate a task to a particular group of employees which lets you hold them accountable for the completion of that work. It is easy and convenient as all the tasks of your organization can be accessed in one location.

Files and attachments can be added relevant to the task at hand and can be viewed by all the members of the team involved. You can check the progress of each task quickly by eliminating unnecessary progress meetings unlike in the case of email communication. You will continuously be in the loop even if the task has been delegated to the employees.

Dispersed teams of employees can be brought together to collaborate on a particular task from anywhere in the world while you get to check on their progress when you wish to do so. Due dates can be assigned to the tasks so that the responsible parties deliver the job before the deadline. We have incorporated automatic email notifications into the software as well so that your email is also updated on a daily basis with the progress of each task. The software also improves collaboration among employees by enhancing internal rapport within a team. This increase in team productivity and efficiency allows the completion of critical tasks as soon as possible. Important tasks will never fall through the cracks again.

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