The cost of a C-Arm table.

Concisely, the price of a new C-Arm table would range between 6,000 to 45,000 USD.
While it may be a good thing that the answer is pretty straightforward, buyers may be left wondering why the price range is so significant. Fortunately, Amber USA is here to help readers understand precisely that.

It has been established that the general rule of C-Arm table pricing is: the more movement the table offers, the higher the price. For each movement the table offers, there would be a corresponding price.

The following information provides the current average pricing strategy for each type of C-Arm table.

Fixed height C-Arm table without movement – Ranges between 6,000 to 8000 USD.
Single movement C-Arm Table – Ranges between 8,500 to 11,000 USD.
Two movements C-Arm Table – Ranges between 9,500 to 12,000 USD.
Three movements C-Arm Table – Ranges between 10,500 to 13,000 USD.
Four movements C-Arm Table – Ranges between 13,500 to 16,000 USD.
Five movements C-Arm Table – Ranges between 17,000 to 22,000 USD.
Float-Top C-Arm Tables – Ranges between 24,000 to 45,000 USD.

A few other factors that are known for affecting the cost of a C-Arm Table include:
• Bariatric certification.
• Stirrups.
• Side rails.
• Arm boats.

As demonstrated above, we have found that the price of a C-Arm table can range significantly. And although the prices may seem vast, a C-Arm table offers a significant convenience when utilizing C-Arm equipment.

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