The life of a GE XRD

For GE XRDs or any X-ray room, a proper collimator function is essential for optimum image quality as well as controlling the radiation on patients and practitioners. Collimators typically last quite long. However, depreciation of the collimator is still possible, and every facility needs to prepare to respond to the event of failure.

The following is a set of information that can help build cost expectations and identify what issues to look out for to help with the installation and replacement process of the collimator.

It is quite difficult to exactly define how long an XRD collimator would last. These pieces of equipment contain quite a few moving parts which put the equipment at risk for possible failure. The most significant factor of how long the collimator will last will depend on how hard it will be used. If a facility has a higher patient volume on a consistent basis, it is expected that the collimator would fail sooner.

Specific signs to look out for include:

• Sluggish collimation.
• Buzzing or grinding motors.
• A decrease in button sensitivity.

Replacement costs.
The collimator might just be one of the most expensive parts to replace. The good news, however, is that it can be controlled by buying used collimators and returning the current one as an exchange.

Replacement XRD collimators are generally easy to find, and for buyers, there is a strong likelihood of being able to take advantage of equipment that is used or exchanged.

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