The Reasons For Quality Problems.

If an issue arises with quality, it could be related to a change in the way things are processed. If there is a change in quality, it could either be a best or worst case scenario. The worst-case scenario could affect the organization with internal and external costs.

Internal Costs:

Internal costs can be described as the costs incurred with the services and products not being up to the standard of quality for customers and are identified before the delivery to customers.

If these costs are present, it could involve:

  • Having to rework on the product that wouldn’t reach the standard of quality.
  • A delay in production due to having to revise on the products that are defected.
  • Reworking the products affected by the quality of defected products.
  • Shortage of supply since the resources would be used to fix defected products.
  • Failure in the analysis of the defected product.
  • Re-testing and re-inspecting new products after correction of the defects.
External Costs:

These costs are the costs that are related to the products not reaching the standard of quality for customers and are identified after delivery to customers.

If these costs are present, it could involve:

  • Company complaints.
    This would result in customer loyalty being reduced and many customers changing their opinion of the company.
  • Bad reputation.
    Once a product has been purchased, customers have a specific image in mind about that company’s products. Once defected products start being issued, there could be a loss of reputation.
  • Repair customer products.
    Repairing or redoing the products offered to customers that are defected would be the only way to revise the status of a company after poor quality products have been issued.
  • Loss of sales.
    This could cause a loss for the company through reduced sales.

Ensuring proper quality is put into all products and services issued by a company, is vital. Using a Quality Control Software would be able to help companies maintain their brand name while developing and providing top-notch products in a business.

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