Top 3 Questions Most Medical Practitioners Ask About MRI Cold Head.

As a medical imaging equipment provider, it is essential to stay on top of most moving parts in the devices. The following information is a global overview of an MRI cold head. A cold head in an MRI machine re-condenses the helium gas inside the MRI cooling system to liquid. This is done to prevent the machine from burning off entirely.

The margin of re-condensation can be used as a measurement of an MRI’s cold head performance. Each MRI system differs from one another, and the console should be able to provide the metrics for its number. It is essential that a cold head is replaced in a timely fashion to avoid magnet quench which can temporarily put an MRI scanner out of commission and cost time and money to fix.

Each cold head in an MRI is unique and will experience a unique level of usage. However, it is essential to replace a cold head that is refurbished every 3-4 years and a brand new cold head every 4-5 years. Are you having trouble with your cold head? Find quick solutions in these top 3 questions medical practitioners usually have regarding MRI cold head!

  1. How can I know if my MRI cold head is contaminated?
    Your service provider would be able to test oil and air in the machine. That way he/she can check for contamination. While lower levels of contamination won’t necessarily harm the system, the damage can worsen over time.
  2. What happens if impurities or oil gets inside the MRI’s compressor?
    Contamination can cause a significant amount of damage. While it does take time for contamination to create a visible issue, it can have serious consequences. If the system’s absorber is replaced on an annual basis, the likelihood of the cold head being contaminated by oil moving from the compressor would be less.
  3. How much is a new cold head going to cost me?
    The answer to that could vary since it depends on whether you’re looking to buy a brand new cold head or refurbished one. However, it would be around 10,000-15,000 USD.

A little maintenance could go a long way in protecting the major investment you make when buying an MRI. However, if you are in need of used and refurbished medical imaging equipment such as a used portable xray machine, open MRI scanner or other imaging equipment, contact Amber USA now for inquiries! Amber USA is one of the best used and refurbished medical imaging equipment providers in the market catering excellent products and service.

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