Trapped In A Loveless Marriage

Have you ever felt like you’re imprisoned in a marriage and completely unhappy?

To state that happily ever after is something that happens with every marriage would be considered just plain untrue. Why? Sometimes it could be because there’s a matter of unforgivable betrayal, abusiveness, or just downright becoming unhappy in the marriage. A lot of effort is required to make a marriage work, that’s no secret. But there are multiple cases where that just isn’t enough, and people only grow apart. When couples get married, they are doing so with the intention of staying as lifelong partners. However, with the rate divorce is going at, it becomes a little tougher to comprehend how much work is actually required for a marriage.

There are multiple instances where couples stay together for the sake of merely maintaining something that was once pleasant. It becomes something of a choir later when the spouse realizes they are unhappy and trapped in a loveless marriage.

Many factors could contribute to couples staying married. However, the red flags shouldn’t be ignored. Signs of a broken marriage could include:
  • The dark magic of intimacy.
  • When an intimate relationship begins to become incredibly unhealthy.
  • Constantly having to repair the damaged marriage.
  • Feelings of distress and anxiety.
  •  Staying together just for the children.

Parties to the marriage should understand that divorce doesn’t mean that their life is over. A positive way to look at it should be to realize that divorce opens a whole new door for a happier, more prosperous future.

Understanding that the signs of a broken marriage should not be taken lightly and should require taking action isn’t something that should scare the spouse. If the spouse decides that the marriage is simply just not going to work, being trapped shouldn’t be what he/she has to face. The first step to a better future could start with looking for the best Divorce attorney in Orlando. Erin Morse Law firm is the perfect choice for you.

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