What Happens If Death Comes Before Divorce?

Amidst having to deal with divorce, thinking about death may be the last thing you want to do. But sadly, the matter remains. What will happen if a spouse dies before the divorce is finalized? That is when the divorce has been filed and is proceeding but not yet finalized.

Even if it’s the last thought you want on your mind right now, you should think about it. Do you want all your property and assets to be given to your soon-to-be ex-spouse? Never is the answer in many cases. But sadly, you should know that in such a case, the couple is still considered to be “married”. And that gives a high chance of your spouse being able to acquire what was yours if death precedes divorce.

Having a proper will in place will matter in instances like these. If your will was written prior to divorce, it’s time to update it right away. And if you don’t have one in the first place, it’s time to consider it. Your unwritten wishes will not matter much to court. But your written wishes (the will) can do a big difference.

The laws relevant vary from state to state, and it is best to know how your state functions. Have the Best Divorce Attorney In Orlando help clarify your doubts and take action accordingly. Divorce is terrifying, but with Erin Morse in the position of your Divorce Attorney, you can make sure that the future is brighter.

When it comes to divorce, it is ultimately best to resolve matters once and for all. Even when you think you’ve settled all of it, only your lawyer can confirm that you have. So let the Best Divorce Attorney In Orlando help you out. Call the Law Office of Erin Morse now to see the difference made by good legal representation and the best.

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