What you need to know about bone densitometers.

Have you ever had to get a bone scan done for the measurement of your bone density?

If you have, then you’re well aware of what a bone densitometer is. For those who aren’t aware, however, the following information can be of service.
Bone densitometers are a specific type of x-ray system that makes use of two x-ray beams for the measurement of calcium and the density of the bone to reflect the patient’s bone fracture risk. Each beam in a bone densitometer has a different level of energy that is aimed at the patient’s bones.

In this exam, the soft tissue absorption is subtracted; the body mineral density can then be identified from the absorption.

The most popular measurement of bone density technology used is the Dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry. It is also known as DEXA or DXA which is the more commonly used phrase for the technology. These systems use only a small amount of x-ray for the measurement of the minerals in the bone.

DEXA is mostly used for the diagnosis of osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a condition where patients lose calcium and experience structural changes that cause the bones to become more fragile.

DEXA tests can also determine the patient’s risk of developing fractures in the bones and can help track effective treatment for other conditions that may cause bone loss.

Bone densitometers have had a significant impact on the medical industry in being able to handle patients that may suffer from bone loss.

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