Will Your Divorce Affect Your Immigration Status?

Will Your Divorce Affect Your Immigration Status? If your immigration status is dependent on that of your spouse’s or on the marriage, yes. Your divorce can affect your immigration status. If and when filing for divorce it is important to keep this in mind.

Your immigration status that is dependent on the marriage will be terminated when the divorce is finalized. But it will remain effective during the divorce proceedings. It is important to file for modifications of your immigration status as soon as possible if this is the case. Or else, you do stand the risk of being deported once the divorce is finalized.

Divorce and separation are seen as different in the eyes of the law. Divorce is when your marriage is legally terminated. Separation is when the spouses are legally married but living apart. Divorce and separation won’t have the same effect on your immigration status.

In the case of divorce, to make your immigration status permanent, your marriage needs to have happened in good faith. That is that both parties need to have intended to remain married when they married. And did not do so merely to gain the benefits of immigration status dependent on marriage.

If you are unsure about your current immigration status, it is important to confirm it right away. And seek the necessary legal advice to modify it if needed. Immigration law and family law are different fields but can interconnect depending on the case. That might require you to find a divorce lawyer experienced in similar cases involving immigration. Or seek out two experts in the two fields of law.

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