Workplace Discrimination Against Mental Health Issues

What is your workplace attitude towards mental health issues? What happens if you or a co-worker who had an excellent work record, falls victim all of a sudden? Will your workplace encourage you to seek help and back you? Or will you simply get sacked?

Many workplaces discriminate their employees with mental health issues, even if the employee has had a perfect record all along their career so far. One primary reason for this is the fear of workplace violence. Many employers try hard to get rid of their employees who have mental health conditions. Mental health issues in this scenario don’t refer to ones that turn sufferers violent causing harm to others. Many mental health issues cause individuals to struggle with their day-to-day life but not necessarily cause harm to others.

Another reason is the drop in productivity and efficiency. Many workplaces find it easier to drop an employee who is struggling with a mental health issue. If an employee were exemplary with his/her work before falling victim to a mental health issue, maybe it would’ve been better for the company if they had sought help for the employee instead of firing him/her. They’d be able to regain the valuable employee, and the employee will be able to get their life back.

Workplace discrimination is never advised. Mental health issues need to be treated, and it’s important to gain all the help necessary for it. From friends, family and even co-workers and employers.

But not just that. Professional help from a Psychiatrist is needed to address these issues appropriately. Ocoee Psychiatrist here at Silver Lining Psychiatry can help diagnose your condition correctly and even recommend the right course of medication and treatment that will work for you. Contact Silver Lining Psychiatry right away to get an appointment to diagnose your case or for more information.

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